Was Anybody Itchin For a Length Check!?

I never update my hair journey on here…..I don’t update anything on here. I knoooooow you guys don’t sue me! But ahem…..what did we name this blog?????

Okay. Smiley faces everyone. 🙂

But it does have alot to do with the fact I’ve moved my hair care journey to a different blog (and a different domain as well). So, yes, I have three different blogs and inspite of the fact of me being a daydreamer and big time procrastinator, I’m pretty good with keeping up with all of them. I have a hair care blog, an artsy blog, and this blog that is helping me to grow mentally, physically…..and some other -itally.

But anyways, visit:

Keep Calm & Coily for my latest hair care raves. This one’s just started so it’s not a ton of stuff on there and also it’s based around my personal journey, so I don’t do to much general hair care talk over there. It’s just to keep me on a consistent diary with my hair so I can keep it healthier. When I fall off of consistency, hair care is usually the first thing that goes. =/ But also visit:

Six~Foot~Cotton for updates on my artistic skills. Poetry, drawings, photography, stories, song writing, things of that nature.

And stay on here for random life updates! Now how does that sound!? Only reason I’ve spaced out all my blogs is for 1) it opens for more creativity 😛 and 2) I easily get obsessed with one thing and can write pages upon pages on one topic and I hate when I feel like my blogs (and life in general) is all over the place. Though I’m not good at keeping my life this organized but oh well. Anyways, the length check shall we?

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASo it has grown since my last length check on here which was like months ago. How much I’m not sure, but I believe the last one I was like right above the bra strap line (which sets like right under my shoulder blade) and now I’m in the middle of my bra strap. I’ve trimmed during this era and changed up my routine alot but I think I’ve finally settled on something that works and is simple. Because I do not plan on switching up ANY parts of this regimen too often, I will give you the total rundown, products included (though you can also find this in more detail on my now Hair Blog):

♥ Deep condition overnight with Organic Roots Stimulator (ORS) Replenishing Deep Conditioner. Detangle in the morning with conditioner still in. (I detangle with fingers first then a wide tooth comb)

♥ Shampoo with Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo. Nelly is usually in about eight twists from prior detangling in this stage. After each section is shampooed, I re-condition using Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner.

♥ Rinse hair complete of products. With no product, Nelly is always soft and shiny, bouncy and springy and just FAVULOUS! lol

♥ Moisturize time. Take down each twist, re-dampen with water, saturate in Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In conditioner (and I’se soaks it IN!), after that oil my scalp and seal in the leave in with my oil mix of fifty-fifty avocado and castor oil. Massage it all into my scalp. Afterwards, if I feel it’s necessary, apply a bit of shea butter. But it’s usually not required, it’s just optional for added sealing and moisture-lockin. =)

♥ Time to style. I may let my hair airdry in the eight twists and THEN style, or style right then and there. But usually my hair ends up in twists one way or another. lol

So that’s what I’ve been doing and I do this on a weekly basis. On a daily basis, I try to mist with water, apply a bit of leave in and seal in and massage my scalp with oil but if not, my hair is usually pretty well off until my next wash day. But I normally get in a daily moisture routine at least three times out of the week if I can’t get to it (or quite frankly don’t feel like…) doing it everyday.

I’m also on a goal to better my ends!!!! They’re looking a tad bit better but I know they can still improve. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Hmmmmm? Anyways, I have my fourth natural hair anniversary coming up next April and I would like to be at midback length (like half an inch to an inch away from my bra strap line…..the middle of my back in other words…..) and I will be straightening come that time (hopefully I stick to what I’m saying). It’ll be the first time I’ve seen my hair straight since…….I went natural actually. So I will be quite shocked to see what I have growing out of this scalp! But you’ll have to keep up with my hair blog for constant hair updates, but I’ll post my big achievements here too. BIG achievements like “eh mah gawd I’m waist length!” not like “yaaay for shea butter” feel me?

Toodles ♥


Quest For the Ethereal Braids!

Anything close to the hindquarters I consider ethereal. Light, airy, beautiful, elegant, royal, silent beauty. Yeah, and these braids feel like Pocahontas hair to me. Like I should be singing a Disney melody any moment now. lol

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Smallish Twists….

This week, I finally got out of my slump and decided to do my hair. I intended to do a set of twists, but not this small. I envisioned them being more medium sized, maybe almost large, but not at all this small. Though it didn’t take me that long to do, (approximately six hours), I would have much rather extended two or three hours doing my hair than–what felt like–an entire day.

I didn’t wash my hair prior to putting them in, I just wanted my hair styled real quick-like since I was going away for the weekend. I wanted as much length as my hair could show without having heat (aka “blowdrying”) touch my hair. My hair came out of 4 big plaits that I had been wearing underneath a satin bonnet and black scarf for pretty much a week. They were re-braided everynight for I had to moisturize with water and oil it everynight. I took down all of my hair and began by separating my hair into three sections. One in the back, and two in the front on either side. All I used for installment was a mist of water and shea butter and that was solely it. I detangled some with my fingers and others with my tangler wrangler brush, but I seemed to fly through this set. But then again, they aren’t ‘tiny’.

Since that installment, I’ve been swimming alot and washing and co-washing. I’ve been oiling and massaging everynight and keeping them pinned up with these gorgeous clips! Yes, I finally have a Ficarre clip! A clip that is pretty costly but at the same time well worth it because they are highly durable and look very elegant. The other two were picked up at a flea market on the spur of the moment because I was on a Clip Junkie moment. I think I’m gonna start up a clip collection. I forgot how much they spice up a hairstyle!

So after five days, that’s right FIVE DAYS (hasn’t even been a WEEK yet), this is how my twists are holding up. Am I gonna push them for another week or so? Ya darn skippy I am! So far, that’s all for now. I shall be back……hopefully. 😉




What’s Up With Nelly!?

Yes, where has nelly been and what has she been up to?

My previous posts should tell you that Nelly is the name of my natural hair. 🙂 Yep, totally. With hair with a big attitude like mine, it’s hard NOT to give it a name.

I don’t think I’ve ever said that I have had my hair on a protective styling lockdown. Up until the end of August, and that is August 31 at 11:59:59, I will be keeping Nelly hidden away in a protective style. This month’s styling of choice is of course, my beloved yarn braids! I just love how they are a really good imitation of locs. I came absolutely CLOSE to letting my hair began the process of locking, but in a certain change of heart, I’ve decided to keep my afro hair loose. I’ve realized it’s not just the look of locs that really attracts me, it’s the low manipulation of it too. I mean, having hair of any kind can be as low manipulation as you want it to be however you wear it, but with me, I know it’s harder for me to maintain a ‘low maintenance’ regimen with my hair out and about than if I wore to keep a month-long protective style in it. So onto the yarn braids it is.

I’ve had them in since the middle of June and let me tell ya, with all this unpredictable rain and blinding HEAT I’m GLAD I opted to keep Nelly in protective styles throughout the summer. I mean lets just be real, I’ll be the first one frying like an egg with this massive bush on my head. And with all the humidity, my hair would have been all swelled up and uhh. I learned last summer, wearing my hair loose is a PAIN. I love having thick hair, but mixed with Florida heat uhh uhh, nope. I shall pass. And with that being said I’m still trying to grow it to greater lengths! lol

I find that I love wearing protective styles as much as I love wearing braidouts and twistouts and anything of the like. And summertime is when most people start getting their growth spurts (I’m speaking hair-terms okay). Lately, I’ve gotten 2 inches of growth in 2 months already! The average growth rate would be half an inch a month. I got half an inch in 2 weeks! Since those 2 weeks have passed, I’ve been FORCED to redo my edges. They were just getting remarkably rebellious and sassy. Though I’m partial to the “natural” look of frizzy edges, they were just taunting me and laughed at my efforts of tying them down with a silk scarf overnight. So with that, the punishment was for them to redone. lol But anyways, I’ve still been oiling my scalp daily and I’ve found that my two savior oils are avocado and castor oil! One is expensive, one is fairly cheap. Avocado oil is light and penetrating, castor oil is heavy, lays on thick but soaks right into my hair and I love it. These oils are incredible and one day I’ll do a post in depth about the benefits of these two oils. Maybe I’ll even learn something…maybe I’ll do that right now…






Don’t hold your breath.





Haven’t you caught on yet!?



But here are some extra pics of what I’ve been doing to them…and that month of new growth in only two weeks!

My Lobster Braid. Saw it on youtube and decided to try it out.


New growth rolling in thick and QUICK. This was 2 weeks on Friday…


Have a beautiful (and hopefully breezy) Thursday evening! 😉



Should You Oil Your Scalp Daily?

Well, you know what they say…

‘Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp’

So, is this something you need to do? Honestly, it depends on your hair and scalp issues. I have dandruff issues that I’ve been battling for years now, and I always thought it had everything to do with me putting way too much product of anything on my hair. So I took tips from Google articles and started stripping my scalp of any products or moisture. I would put everything on the “hair” and only shampoo my scalp every week. It got so bad til I found myself shampooing twice, sometimes THREE times a week and for anyone with tight, coily hair, you know this is a pretty bad “no-no”. Simply because our hair textures dry out faster and unlike a straighter hair texture, our natural scalp oils or “sebum” do not reach the length of hair as fast, if at all, especially on longer lengths with more kinks and curls, like mine.

So I took this problem head on…literally. After doing further research and learning that dandruff could be caused by an oily scalp or even a “dry scalp”, I figured I would try the opposite solution and keep it moisturized. It’s only been 5 days for me, and I still have no flakess being dusted out of my parts which deserves a big HOORAH! I haven’t gone almost a week without seeing flakes in a WHILE now and I’m so proud of finding this breakthrough! I am gonna keep up with this for a month, so in about twenty five days I’ll be back with a surefire opinion of my results and whether or not I will continue this. But this 5 days have been awesome for me and just know that nothing but good things can come out of this!

I’ve been using avocado oil for my scalp, specifically because it is a lighter super oil. It penetrates the hair and scalp and nourishes your hair giving it incredible softness and strength. It was the main oil I wanted to try and I had a little left so I decided to use it up. And my verdict is that I need this oil in BULK. My process of daily scalp oiling goes a little like this:

  • First, mist my hair with water to moisturize.
  • Since I have braids in, I go row by row applying the oil to my scalp using an applicator bottle. If I had my hair loose, I would probably just part thin rows and go row by row and apply the oil just as I do with the braids.
  • After making sure I have oil in every spot, I take about three to five minutes to massage the oil in and really stimulate my scalp.
  • After that, I smooth the hair down and immediately tie it up with a satin scarf and go to sleep (or let it dry) so that I can prevent the frizzies from forming.
  • In the morning, I have a freshly oiled scalp that still maintains a decent appeal and nothing overly frizzy about it.

I do that everyday around nighttime and it takes me somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes to complete. I’ll keep doing this for the rest of my life if I can prevent scratching my scalp until it bleeds. Yes. I’ve literally done that which is why I NEEDED to find a resolution for this and it seems that oiling my scalp daily is gonna be my natural remedy. I also hear that daily oiling and massaging of your scalp can help reduce your shedding and breakage greatly, and we all know the less hair you lose is the more hair you keep on your head. So if you have issues with a dry, flaky scalp and shampooing it everyday isn’t helping it out, maybe throw a curve at your scalp and oil it everyday. Be wary of what type of oil you use. Something heavy like castor oil or even coconut oil may not remedy your problems like using a lighter oil such as avocado or grapeseed or even olive oil might do.


Loc Fever

I think I’m ready for it.

These genie locs have pretty much aided in stabilizing my already there opinion! This year, I think I’m gonna start my loc journey! These genie locs I have in now are pretty much my goal length as far as locking my hair goes. And while we’re talking about locking it up, I don’t plan on keeping it locked up forever! I love changing my hair up all the time but as long as it doesn’t involve chemical damaging e.g. coloring, relaxing, heat damage/training, etc. I like for my hair to bounce back to it’s original form at any given moment, so I guess that’s why I normally keep it in it’s natural state most times.

I’m thinking about locking up for about three or four years, I don’t know. I may get my locs started and feel like I never wanna take them down. I guess the only reason I’ve held off of it so long is because I loved playing in my big and wild hair so much, the thought of locking it up and not being able to pull apart my hair and watch it frizz and shrink up kinda scared me. But since having in these genie locs, I kinda feel I’d rather have them. The maintenance of them is about the same as when I put my twists in, and I keep my twists in allllll the time! I love my twist sets and everything and herelately I do sets of twists much more than I generally wear my hair “out”. Braidouts and twistouts don’t happen as often as they used to, only because it gets hot around my face for the most part.

The size I’m going for is more on the thicker side for two reasons. First, I love the look of thicker locs, and I feel like they would suit my style and personality moreso than smaller or sisterlocks. Two, like I said I don’t “plan on” keeping them in for the rest of my life, so I don’t want to have to comb out smaller locks. I already know the takedown process will be tedious, I don’t want it to be even MORE tedious with trying to pick out numerous miniature locks, ya know?

The myth that you can’t comb out locks and that even if you do you’ll lose majority of your hair is a myth. There’s plenty of youtube videos that show you just how to pick out a lock, and I’ve even done so myself on my younger cousin’s locks. I really wanted to comb them out so she’d have her length and a headful of hair, but alas, the next time I saw her, they had chopped it all off. 😦 All that length….WASTED. All the hair that you “lose” is hair you have shedded since having them in. Locks are pretty much based off of matted and tangled hair, so it’s not like you’ve suddenly gotten hit with alopecia because you want to comb them out. It’s hair you would’ve lost anyways, so don’t believe those that tell you that combing your locks out are pointless. You just need some water, lots of conditioner, a picking too, and a miraculous amount of patience. 😉

I’m gonna lock you guys! Eeeek! Well, maybe not just yet. It’s a couple things I wanna do before I began to lock up which includes flat ironing for the first and last time and doing a jumbo rollerset. Been wanting to see what I looked like in one. After that, I’m gonna join Team LOCS! I don’t when I’ll start it up, but maybe I’ll start it up for my birthday? It’s in August so why not? I should. I really should. I’m just nervous about locking because of getting thinned locks. And with a thinned locks, you can actually have it SNAP off. There’s no resurrection whatsoever, the hair is GONE. I just do NOT want that to happen, that is also I want to have my locks relatively *thick* although I don’t think it matters that much. It makes some sense to me. One of the biggest ways I’ve read to avoid having a thinned lock is to increase the time in between your retwists…..So I’m thinking something like 3 months or more would be good enough? It’s about like when you relax your hair. Don’t wanna overprocess it so you increase the time in between relaxers. So that’s how it should be with retwisting your locs. Don’t “overprocess” your roots by retwisting them constantly. Makes sense, right?

Haaaa, I’ll definitely be keeping you guys updated on when I start my loc journey and how my locks progress. I’ll put some resources of different youtubers who have been inspiring me to invest some time into the Loc Side of Natural Hair and I’ll put links to them in the Resources section. Off to lookup more things about locs. I could probably do a research on it with everything I’m learning. And they are LOCS not DREADS. 😉





The Genie Loc Era

Have to satisfy the loc fever!

It’s been more than a craving for locs, I’ve had some SERIOUS…..loc….FEVER going down over here! So to satisfy that sweet loc tooth, I decided to install in a set of genie locs.

Now I’ve done them before, but the I decided to be a bit more loving and diligent with this set and surprisingly it went by faster. Not saying that my last set was horrible, but my hair wasn’t as thoroughly moisturized as this set was. The most I did with my last set of genie locs was rub in some olive oil and braid it on up. This time, I set out to make my hair feel much more loved and cherished.

This set was around bra strap length in length with all black yarn. I used the Red Heart brand which is acrylic yarn. You don’t wanna use wool yarn because it will loc up your hair permanently and it could be taken down, but it would probably require much hassle and patience. Just go for acrylic yarn, red heart is cheap. I think I paid about eight dollars for two bundles, and I only used about 1 bundle. One bundle and a bit of the second one. So not alot at all.

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