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Is this my seventh blog?


LOL! Yes people, I am no stranger to the blogging lifestyle. I was just never able to keep up with it. Blog idea after blog idea continued to fall through, and my sturdiest blog, NaturallyOriginal fell victim to my uncommittedness, just because it didn’t feel natural to me anymore. It was solely a “hair blog” and my mind just wasn’t centered on “hair” that much at all. I was venturing into many different aspects, many different areas that couldn’t be summed up into a haircare blog, or a fitness blog, or both.

With UncommittedCoils, the point of it is simple. To just STICK TO IT. I used to have the sole purpose of reaching hundreds and thousands of subscribers and followers with my writing, and as I soon found out, having a goal like that was beginning to make blogging a chore to me and not neccesarily a hobby. I was writing about what I didn’t feel like just to keep my blog going, and I guess as time went on, I just became more and more uncommitted to it. Just wasn’t that interesting anymore.

Here with UncommittedCoils, there’s no reason not to stick to it, because what doesn’t go under a title like this, hmm? So join me, and subscribe to me and lets keep this blogging going!!


Your uncommitted friend,






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