This Whole Bucket List Thing…

STILL have not sat down to start thinking up what I wanna do.

I think in a sense, I’m avoiding it. Until I watched “Wipeout” last night (ya’ll that is the GREATEST show for meaningless laughter lol!) but one of the contestants on there was a 19 year old high schooler who said that being on Wipeout was on her Bucket List. And you know what? She won the whole show! Her name was Camille “Bucket List” Bulot.

I thought that was so cool that she got on it and won the entire show and took home $50,000! I’m not saying I would want to get on Wipeout though I love the show, but those obstacle courses look mad tough and dizzying. But sometimes I wonder why I haven’t even sat down to conjure up a list of ideas. I speak all the time about wanting to change but sometimes, I feel like there’s this tiny little cell in my body that’s not onboard for the change and it’s influencing the rest of me. My heart’s in the right place but maybe my conscious is a little TOO conscious.

So I’m forcing myself to come up with some ideas. And these are some that keep sticking to my mind:

  • Indoor Skydiving Facility….here I come!
  • Travel to: London/Paris, Italy, Barcelona, and Canada.
  • Go on a hiking trail
  • Attend a show at the Bob Carr
  • Go to an Art Museum
  • Go to a Spa Resort
  • Learn how to Surf
  • Learn how to Ice Skate
  • Take a Pole Dancing Class (yeah….I said it….lol)
  • Meet Bruno Mars….or at least go to a Concert lol

Umm yeah. Nothing too big and fancy. I’m working up to the big things. If you read my post about my trip to the fair, then you already know I have a fear of heights. Well, at least rocking booths in the air. I didn’t even know I was that terrified of the Ferris Wheel….until I got on it. LOL! But anyways, I’ll go now. Maybe this shall be my Bucket List for now. We’ll see what happens shall we?




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