Fitness Monthly- March 6

This is for FEBRUARY. Buuut, I was a little late on getting it in. Ya’ll know how it is. lol But anyways, here’s what’s gone down for February. These measurements were taken March 2, 2013.

Neck:  13.5 inches
34.5 inches
29 inches
30 inches
36 inches
Arms, Relaxed:  
11 inches
Arms, Flexed: 
12 inches
23 inches
18 inches
14.5 inches
192.4 lbs :)

Still doing good! I slimmed down way more than I expected and I’m very excited for that! I’ve been doing tons of squats, though not on a consistent basis. I was trying to do the Squat Challenge, but I may have to restart it because I haven’t done it in about a week. Them squats were KILLIN mah legs! But it all worked out for the best!

Soo, achievements for this month?

Well, I found out that I CAN actually fit into size 8 skinny jeans. I thought it would be a 10 because I have relatively big calves as well as thighs, but I was surprised when they actually came on. And size 6s still fit, actually, they’re beginning to fit BETTER. I was in the fitting room yesterday at work (I had just clocked out) and figured I would try on some size 6 capri’s that I really like and I thought that would be kinda hard to pull on, considering the material, but low and behold they came up with ease! It was a slight tug but not as hard as it used to be, nowhere NEAR that hard. lol And I’m slowly coming into size 4s now. I have a pair of size 4 capris that I bought from my store for like….$3 (my best experience with clearance EVER lol) and they’re actually almost up my hips. I have a like a pinch more to go before they can fit and button! It’s amazing to me because when I first got them, they would barely come up over my knees which lets me know I’ve slimmed down a LOT since December! I mean, homie I’m almost a size 4!!!!!!!!!!! No way in the world I would’ve even THOUGHT about being a size 4 two or three years ago when I was pushing 18s! I’ve never uttered these words that I’m about to say ever in my life, not even the deserted recesses of my mind but:

I might actually want to try and a be a size 2!!!!!!!!!



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