The “Tone It Up–♥ Your Body” Challenge

What on EARF made me sign up for this!? I JUST got my mojo back, now I’m signing up for some intense six week that is ALSO going to include starting school AND keeping a part time job? You know, added homework and more foreign customers that don’t speak a lick of English, and now I have to make time in my mornings when it’s already hard for me to peel myself off of the sheets, and EXERCISE.

I just really wanna know WHAT made me do what I just did?

I guess cause I’m just a sucker for a good challenge…..even if I don’t last through it. =/

So according to their post, it’s a number of things that I was supposed to write out on January 1. Since I’m like 5 days late, I’m trying to do all of that now. It’s supposed to be a 6 week challenge from the 1st to February 14 when Valentine’s day comes around, which is actually pretty good for me because around that time I hope to be fitting into my goal clothing. But here are some things they asked for. I think I was supposed to post it in a forum or something, but I’ll stick it right here for now. All it’ll take is a little copy’n paste, know what I mean?


Ummm, this isn’t going to be a New Year’s Resolutions, but my main goal is to be able to fit into a size 6, and I would also love to have a flattened tummy. Last year I came SOOOOO CLOSE and just destroyed it all with wild eating and just damaged everything. -___-” I would like to get back to that and go even further. I want to be so toned and sexy that I NEVER wanna stop wearing shorts (which for me is more than a leap of faith because I NEVER wear shorts lol). Sooo yeah, that is my goal. I don’t have a specific number range, I just feel I’ll know when I get there.


Well, uhh let’s see. I love my eyes, if nothing else I LOVE my eyes. And my hair also, especially the bigger and longer that it gets. And I gotta admit I love watching my legs, mainly my calves when I’m working out. lol! I really love my back too, especially since my lovehandles always look tiny. How many things is that? Four? And, honestly I love my hands. Especially when my nails grow long, they look like a natural french manicure.


Okay, are we ready? I’m not sure whether I should do day 2-5 tomorrow or just start on day 6 tomorrow. Before this I’ve been doing my own set of workout and healthy eating, and being guided by miss Jillian Michaels through hell and back, and with that I’ve already had some pretty noticeable changes in my body. I eat fairly healthy and raw (meaning I eat more perishable items than processed) but every now and then when I’m cramped for time, I’ll revert back to a processed “healthy” item just for a quick fix. I know my body by now and doing that won’t hurt me. Hoping for great results come Valentines Day or whenever! *fingers crossed*





Fitness Monthly–December 25

“She was even tinier than that! So you know what I did? I FED HER! So she could thicken up a little bit…”


The words my mother said to her company while I was standing in the kitchen cooking up my turkey burgers. Even though she spoke out of pure concern of me getting so small, it’s one thing to be concerned. But a whole ‘notha story to try and fix it. Before I rant, here are my check in measurements for this month. Haven’t done this in awhile but this is a fresh beginning right?

Neck: 14 inches 
Chest: 36.25 inches
Waist:  30.5 inches
Tummy:  33 inches
39 inches
Arms; Relaxed:  
11.25 inches
Arms; Flexed:  
12 inches
24.5 inches
20.25 inches
15 inches


A jump from last check in, eh? Well, surprise surprise. It’s a HUGE jump from my May check in, if you remember, I had gone done to a 28.5 inch waist and a 29.5 inch tummy! I’m trying desperately to get back to that! And yes these were taken on Christmas! lol That’s when I started back up on my fitness journey and I really do not want to give up on it now. Since these measurements were taken, it’s been about a week and a half and with the help of nutritious eating and healthy decisions along with the grueling taunt of Jillian Michaels 30 Day SHRED, I’ve gone down a lot more than I expected to though I still have some work to do. Measurements will not revealed until my next check in.

But anywhoo, I’ve been lacking quite a bit of motivation to exercise for the remainder of the year. I got up and got good at it for two weeks in September but then that fire slowly drifted away as we got further into the Holiday sales at work. Now school is going to be starting up for me on the 22nd of this month and I do want to get as fit as I can get. Let’s forget about all the goals I’ve set for myself for the previous years, I just want to make this a habit, at least eating right which I’ve been doing consciously and been doing great at it. I’ve had MANY opportunities to sacrifice my diet for a quick pleasure and just try and work it off in my next workout, but I’ve been consistent and steady. I have put something on the line if I don’t power through this start-up and that is….Clothes.

I know what you all may be thinking, but these are not clothes that I already own. I’ve been going out and buying intentionally smaller clothes, at least my goal size clothes, in the attempt to motivate me to get in shape already. It’s not expensive stuff though, I’ve got about eight pieces so far and haven’t spent more than fourty dollars for it all, so it’s all relatively cheap. I think the most expensive piece I’ve gotten would be these size 6 jeans that were $15 (regular priced $45….thank you Clearance!) and these are my favorites too! Plus some jewelry that I’m NOT gonna wear until I’m able to fit into all of my goal clothing! I shop in my store and buy the pieces that are left and I find a lot of great deals. My intentional goal is to be able to wear these clothes throughout school, or at least the start of it. I think the size 6 jeans are gonna be my hardest ones to get into, but they are soooo CUTE I must get into them! Let me tell you, that has been the best motivation YET! Just knowing I have this growing wardrobe in the corner of my closet makes me pull out my best at every workout Jillian throws at me. And let me just say, my body is still fit from the last 30 day trial I put myself through with her. These workouts I’m going harder, I’m lasting longer, doing advanced bits and MORE. I couldn’t believe what I pushed today. Full pushups, doing all the moves correctly and advanced and not having to stop for more than five seconds about three times out of the whole thing, I’m BAD! Okay? (gloat over) I’m just really proud of myself and I’m not gonna let anybody, not even myself sabotage me!

So I haven’t been doing the 30 day shred consistently everyday because I’m not trying to tire out of this or make myself feel bad for not doing it everyday. But I try not to let three days go by without doing it and I’ve been doing good with that. Since I started December 25, I’ve been doing it every other day, or every two days and that seems to work for me with eating healthier meals in between. I don’t keep a calorie journal anymore, I’m just kinda winging it these days cause I can’t get to my diary on MFP as easily as I could before. But that won’t stop me, I just try to eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full, and keep my water bottle on me at all times (like usual). I’ve been eating lots of fruits (oranges, grapes, bananas) and have gone back to using my spinach leaves in everything I make. I want this to STICK this time. We’ve gotta make this a HABIT, not just a GOAL.



A Hate-Love Relationship with New Year’s Resolutions!!!

I hate them.

I ♥ them.

Isn’t that how it always is?

The only reason I love New Year’s Resolutions is because it gives me a chance to make a new promise, to finally have the chance to make the year ahead of me a GREAT ONE. It allows me to see what I’ve accomplished the year before and the progress I’ve made and transform those results into something better for the next year.

But if you’re an uncommitted being like me, then you also HATE New Year’s Resolutions! Why? Because deep down somewhere deep down underneath all this biology in my body, I know I’m not gonna stick to it. I’m gonna be like those people who only lasts with their intentions for a good week, and by next month, my New year’s “promise” is a thing of the past.

Can I tell you how much I HATE that!!!!? UGH!

And then we get down to the end of the year and have to scrape my progress together because I know I probably only accomplished half of what I wanted to do that year.

Some people have the incredible ability to set a goal for themselves and zoom right through it as if trials don’t exist in their vocabulary. Others have their setbacks, but they seem to posess an incredible stack of motivation to help them explode through the final rounds of it.

Other people…. like me…. seem to lack alot of what I need. Thus “Uncommitted Coils” came to life. And so far, I’m doing okay with sticking to this blog. Come the 16th of January, UncommittedCoils will be a year old! SO TAKE THAT!

Okay, I’m back. But anyways, I kind of was not looking forward to doing Resolutions for 2013, which is why I’m late on making some. Best believe, I have my resolutions all ready and neatly filed a month before the new year enters, but I just didn’t want to make yet another false promise to myself that I was probably going to fall through again. Though my determination is beginning to turn on again, I didn’t want to give myself the chance to set out for something and fail again. You know what my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 is gonna be?


Absolutely… nothing.

But I’m not gonna sit back and do nothing, just the opposite! I’m gonna lose the weight, and go to school, and get a car, and all that other stuff. I hope to accomplish it one day, and soon! But I’m not gonna promise myself anything. It’s simply my intentions. It is my “intention” to make 2013 another successful year. Don’t get me wrong, since 2010 every year has slowly been successful for me, but I think it’s time I ramp up the speed now. I think I’ve done alot for my mentality those two years, this year…. I’ve got to stand out a little bit and stop keeping everything in my head. So I guess I have no REAL New Year’s Resolutions and believe me, it’s KILLING me not to have made any this year, and I’m enjoying reading about everyone else’s resolutions, but for right now. I’m gonna keep to starting and instilling better habits and just go from there.

Enough sitting here promising myself.

This year, Just DO IT.

Toodles… ♥