No More Villages to Raise Children…

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Who does not believe that? When you hear that, what does it mean to you?

For many, (maybe) it means that the community of which a child lives in should help in caring for a child. For me, personally, I feel it’s whomever the child is allowed to come into contact with that can bring out the positive potential in a child as s/he grows. Over the years, I developed a personal motto of “no matter who you come in contact with in your day to day life, no matter how little they may contribute to the moment, every single person enters your life for a reason”. They inspire you, one way or another, to be or not be a certain way, am I wrong?

If you see a homeless man on the street panhandling, you feel bad… but at the same time you have the certain tinge your gut that inspires you to keep at a that stressful job because you don’t want that to be you, right?

Unforeseen occurrences befall us all, we can never 100% prevent what will happen in the next second. But, we as humans naturally want to do all we can to prevent it 99% of the time.

But anyways, before I get off track again, I use village in a figurative sense, because children usually want to talk to everybody. So the people they come in contact with will either influence them positively or negatively. And because I love kids, I’m usually always the first one trying to make them smile and laugh and not make them feel so “left out” all the time when they come in the store.

But I’m no dummy either, and lately at work I’ve been coming across quite a few parents who are more than tolerant, and also rude–to me–when I get to a point where I can’t allow the child to run aimlessly anymore.

I recently had an experience, foreigners who spoke english, come in the store. It was her and her daughter, so the girl was running a muck right? You know how kids run through the clothing racks and like to hide behind the clothes? Okay, she was doing that. Okay, I won’t say anything, I used to do it too (and now I understand why all those store employees side-eyed me so frequently when I was a kid LOL!). Then she started touching the hooks on the doors that I use to signal whether a customer was in a fitting room or whether it was empty. And if you’ve read my previous post about foreign kids on a saturday, than you understand that I HATE when kids touch the hooks!

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When Do You Decide to Change?

There has to come a point in your life where you are running through the daily events of your life, living each day in the same rut daydreaming about the person you will be next year, or next month, even tomorrow… but for the time you are present in life, you do nothing today to change the outcome for tomorrow.

Well I for one am sick of that cycle.

Today was going to end up as any regular day off from work, sleeping in until whenever and finding it hard to peel myself off of the sheets. Probably fish around in the kitchen for another unhealthy meal, or quick fix situation, and end up in my room practicing the piano, writing, or surfing over the internet dreading for the following day I had to return to work. Yes, my cycle of life, and in this cycle I have my short bursts of daydreams about “one day I will be this person…” and knowing deep in my heart, I’m not doing anything to work towards that “person”.

Nelly is styled in big Marley Twists in case anyone was wondering....

Nelly is styled in big Marley Twists in case anyone was wondering….

Well today I have, and I’m going to make it a habit to stick to it. Habits, especially the worthwhile ones, have to become ingrained in you, have to become deeply rooted in you until it becomes a force to be reckoned with when you try to go against doing so. It’s obvious that I don’t think of working out as a deeply rooted habit, but rather a tool that I need to get to my dreams. Looking at it that way, my goals always seem so far-fetched and distant and as if I will never EVER reach them. Sometimes it feels like the more I look into the distance at my goal, the closer I get to it, I feel like it’s moving further away as my life changes, my ideas, my everything. My life. And with the constant flicking about in my mind, of course it’s always gonna seem like it’s scooting further and further away from me. I’m the type of person that likes to look up and be surprised at my results and progress. I just like to walk right into success without having to think about how long it’s gonna take to get there. True, to an extent I do map out future goals and plans, but after a week of that, I forget about it and months later when I just happen to check back in, I’m amazed. But with working out, it hasn’t been like that. I’m always scrutinizing every aspect, analyzing every crack, and detailing every piece of information that happens, and with fitness results being a rather slow progress, that can get tedious, boring, and discouraging.

It’s different than growing hair. You know no matter if you follow a consistent regimen or not, hair will grow. Point blank. But with losing weight, you have to consciously detail your day to get even the tiniest results. And so every couple of months I seem to fall off the bandwagon and not return until another three or so months. Haaaaa…..

So when do I decide to change? When does that time come when I’m tired of wishing when I could wear those size sixes and fours, have that flat tummy I desire, and not feel self conscious about wearing rather bold clothing?

I would kinda like that… NOW. But I don’t want to look at this as yet ANOTHER journey and get discouraged about how much further I will have to go. True, I’ve come a pretty far way from where I started, but it still feels like I have a way to go. And it’s not like I have another fifty or hundred pounds to lose, I’m just trying to get to a size four-six! I’m already a size eight-ten (more ten these days). Currently, I have about three pieces of clothing bought for seriously cheap bucks (like three and six dollars) that I’m using for goal clothing. They are size 6’s and 8’s currently, and my goal is to be able to get in them soon! I start school in January officially, I would like to be able to fit them then but I doubt it (it’s like a month from now) but we’ll see what happens. I’m gonna buy more cheap clothing as I find them at my job so I can have an actual “wardrobe” for when I do get smaller instead of walking around in my soon-to-be baggy clothes. So instead of looking as it as a journey, I’ll look at it as a habit and try not to focus on what will be next year but instead as what’s happening now. If I start looking at life as going day by day, I wonder how much more I would accomplish…..

We shall see.

Toodles  ♥

Was Anybody Itchin For a Length Check!?

I never update my hair journey on here…..I don’t update anything on here. I knoooooow you guys don’t sue me! But ahem…..what did we name this blog?????

Okay. Smiley faces everyone. 🙂

But it does have alot to do with the fact I’ve moved my hair care journey to a different blog (and a different domain as well). So, yes, I have three different blogs and inspite of the fact of me being a daydreamer and big time procrastinator, I’m pretty good with keeping up with all of them. I have a hair care blog, an artsy blog, and this blog that is helping me to grow mentally, physically…..and some other -itally.

But anyways, visit:

Keep Calm & Coily for my latest hair care raves. This one’s just started so it’s not a ton of stuff on there and also it’s based around my personal journey, so I don’t do to much general hair care talk over there. It’s just to keep me on a consistent diary with my hair so I can keep it healthier. When I fall off of consistency, hair care is usually the first thing that goes. =/ But also visit:

Six~Foot~Cotton for updates on my artistic skills. Poetry, drawings, photography, stories, song writing, things of that nature.

And stay on here for random life updates! Now how does that sound!? Only reason I’ve spaced out all my blogs is for 1) it opens for more creativity 😛 and 2) I easily get obsessed with one thing and can write pages upon pages on one topic and I hate when I feel like my blogs (and life in general) is all over the place. Though I’m not good at keeping my life this organized but oh well. Anyways, the length check shall we?

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASo it has grown since my last length check on here which was like months ago. How much I’m not sure, but I believe the last one I was like right above the bra strap line (which sets like right under my shoulder blade) and now I’m in the middle of my bra strap. I’ve trimmed during this era and changed up my routine alot but I think I’ve finally settled on something that works and is simple. Because I do not plan on switching up ANY parts of this regimen too often, I will give you the total rundown, products included (though you can also find this in more detail on my now Hair Blog):

♥ Deep condition overnight with Organic Roots Stimulator (ORS) Replenishing Deep Conditioner. Detangle in the morning with conditioner still in. (I detangle with fingers first then a wide tooth comb)

♥ Shampoo with Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo. Nelly is usually in about eight twists from prior detangling in this stage. After each section is shampooed, I re-condition using Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Conditioner.

♥ Rinse hair complete of products. With no product, Nelly is always soft and shiny, bouncy and springy and just FAVULOUS! lol

♥ Moisturize time. Take down each twist, re-dampen with water, saturate in Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In conditioner (and I’se soaks it IN!), after that oil my scalp and seal in the leave in with my oil mix of fifty-fifty avocado and castor oil. Massage it all into my scalp. Afterwards, if I feel it’s necessary, apply a bit of shea butter. But it’s usually not required, it’s just optional for added sealing and moisture-lockin. =)

♥ Time to style. I may let my hair airdry in the eight twists and THEN style, or style right then and there. But usually my hair ends up in twists one way or another. lol

So that’s what I’ve been doing and I do this on a weekly basis. On a daily basis, I try to mist with water, apply a bit of leave in and seal in and massage my scalp with oil but if not, my hair is usually pretty well off until my next wash day. But I normally get in a daily moisture routine at least three times out of the week if I can’t get to it (or quite frankly don’t feel like…) doing it everyday.

I’m also on a goal to better my ends!!!! They’re looking a tad bit better but I know they can still improve. Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Hmmmmm? Anyways, I have my fourth natural hair anniversary coming up next April and I would like to be at midback length (like half an inch to an inch away from my bra strap line…..the middle of my back in other words…..) and I will be straightening come that time (hopefully I stick to what I’m saying). It’ll be the first time I’ve seen my hair straight since…….I went natural actually. So I will be quite shocked to see what I have growing out of this scalp! But you’ll have to keep up with my hair blog for constant hair updates, but I’ll post my big achievements here too. BIG achievements like “eh mah gawd I’m waist length!” not like “yaaay for shea butter” feel me?

Toodles ♥

LOOK OUT MOZART……well, get your Binoculars…lol

I’m getting alot better at my piano playing you guys! ONE day once I get over my nerves, I’ll post a video of what I sound like but so far, I’ve finished learning A Thousand Miles on going on to learn my favorite new song “Driveby” by Train! lol I just adore that song I could listen to it for days! So far I got the first half down. I know you guys probably won’t believe that I’m getting good until you actually hear me, but I’ve come along way. From one-handed, single finger key pusher, to this *growing* dynamic two-handed player. I’m enjoying it alot! So I’ve taken it upon myself to learn “chords”. Still not good at reading sheet music, I’ve actually kinda tossed that aside. I’m beginning to see that reading sheet music is not as important as I thought it was. I mean it’s cool for when you want to learn how to play a wide variety of songs but for people like me who just like making up sounds, stick to the ear-playing for a minute. After I learn Driveby, I will go back to K-Ci and Jojo’s “All My Life” and see if I can learn the song all the way through. Tutorials are great for getting the basics, but I have been adding my own flavor to it which is how it should be. You should enjoy what you do at least some time in your life right?

I’m enjoying the piano so much! I WILL get myself an acoustic piano one day. I think music would sound better if I knew how to do the pedaling on a regular piano as opposed to trying to make it sound that way on an electric keyboard, which I’m pretty good with. But I like the transitioning tone of one tone fading in after the new one pounds away. I like that. And I think an acoustic piano can bring that. But I will never toss this keyboard that I have aside! I will play that thing until it runs into the ground! It’s what started it all (well actually, the miniature yellow kiddie piano started it all…!). Sooo yeah. Like I said, I’ve learned the chords. A, B, Bb, C, F, Gb, and G and all the majors, minors, augmented and diminished. Let me see if I can remember which one is which. Major is when the middle finger goes up a half step, minor is the middle finger going down a half step or note. However you say it. Augmented I believe is when the third finger (or last finger….ya’ll know what I mean!) goes up a half step and diminished is taken from the minor. So the middle finger would go down a half step and the last finger would go down a half step……am I right? Could I get an A+ in piano playing 101?!?!! lol

And to add to that, I’m also trying to learn the Blues Scales. I kinda got a cool tone down but I’m trying to work with a way to play it. That’s what I really wanna get good at is playing the Blues on the piano, I’ve ALWAYS loved that. But hey, playing favorite songs are cool too. *sighh…….. Gonna be a GREAT piano player ya’ll!…..well, at least good enough for when company comes over. Tee hee.

UGGGGH!!!! WordPress is TRIPPING with the video pasting! But PLEASE click >>>HERE<<< to watch this guy play “Driveby”. He plays by ear and it is the best one I’ve heard yet you will NOT be disappointed. You may even subscribe! 😉




Just Been Wondering….

Away, wondering, like I normally do when I get caught up with life.

And I *really* don’t understand “what” I’m getting caught up in because nothing dramatic has happened….yet. Or maybe it has? I’m usually the person that likes to take in my surroundings, that can easily get caught up in the cool breeze blowing through the trees, easily get distracted and preoccupied with the jagged flight of a colorful butterfly, that can truly bounce from memory to memory, scene to scene, and just sit back and take it all in.

But lately I feel like I haven’t been doing that. Like I’ve just given into “going with the motions”. It’s easy for me to get so preoccupied I forget about my priorities and doing the things that were actually working for me. Like, for one, eating right and exercising.

So I looked it up and tried to research myself. I research tons of things (except what I NEED to…) and got struck with a drilling thought. Maybe I have adult ADD?? Alot of the symptoms I carry like distraction, procrastination, forgetfulness, moodiness, and that’s probably why I still can’t keep a steady pace of this blog. So, I don’t care to get diagnosed for it right now because it’s incurable. So lets say I do have it, wow. Soooo, how we gonna fix it? And I’m not all for medicine and pill poppin’ either. I likes to keep my remedies as natural as possible. So I’ll just start trying out the things they suggested which I had been doing anyway like exercising and eating right, then they said to get adequate sleep in, and…..something else…oh! Keep a planner! I was horrible with keeping up with planners but I figured, since I’ve gotten better at keeping a journal, why not try it again? It may help.

But it makes me wonder though. This probably isn’t something that just started happening. You know how when you think of the ADD kid, it’s that hyper kid bouncing on his toes that just won’t freakin SHUT UP!!!!!!? I was not that kid. I was a daydreamer. I was quiet, my mom used to call me The Mute…. I was just that quiet. Up until a few years ago, I easily isolated myself, easily muted out the world, and easily dreamt the days away. I still carry those traits. Now it’s not just the daydreaming, I get easily distracted. The slightest footstep will make me turn my head. I turn my head at everything. People never interested me, but life did, so I wasn’t exactly suicidal, but I did always dream about living on Mars or some crazy thing like that. lol If I’m doing something, like say writing this post (and I do this alot) and a sudden thought pops into my head like pianos or drawing or job searching, I will almost immediately pop up a new tab and start researching it for HOURS and probably will not finish this post until like five hours later. And the more I started to do this, I began to notice that this is kinda problematic. I forget things easily and without the aid of my beloved Android that I could keep all my notes on, it’s harder to remember what I was going to a store to get. I take a few steps though, and THEN it clicks. Like I have to turn on a switch or something and I notice it gets worse the less I try and keep fit or at least eat right. So lets sum this all up shall we?

Probably got ADD, an avoidant personality disorder (I guess), paranoid, chlaustrophobic, annnnnd I’m iron deficient. lol! kRaIzY combo right!?!

Who cares. There’s something wrong with everyone right? There has to be cause nobody’s perfect. What’s your combination? (and I’m actually quite surprised I wrote this entire post in one sitting……)

Toodles ♥