‘Member Those Foreign Kids?

From “this” post?


Well, how about I saw them yesterday?

Once again, another long day at work (it felt like) what with being drowned with early-very early- Christmas music, rap, and techno music, there I was with a subtle headache organizing to the best of my abilities. Listening and running what seemed like errands for every random customer that approached me, trying to be a good sport because of not wanting to get reported again. It’s only been twice since I worked there and I’ve had many rave about me, but still. Those two negativities seem to always stick to ya.

The day started draggish. Bus was thirty minutes late which means I didn’t have enough time to get to the Food Court to dish out for my usual plate of Sesame chicken with fried rice from the chinese people or even for a meatball marinara from subway. Great. Hence the light headache that wasn’t being helped with Sia’s Titanium (though I do love that song!) It was after my break though, when they came. I was feeling good with my greasy lips that were still tasting the syrup of Sesame Chicken, and as I was getting ready to get back on track again, I notice a lady headed towards me with a stroller. I didn’t even see the kids, all I’m thinking is…

‘okay, she’s gonna need the handicap room’…

But she didn’t want a room. She was like “Hi! We’ve been looking for you!” and at first, my face was all twisted (mentally) like ‘what??’, but then I looked down to see the little girl with that same big ol’ smile and my heart just melted. Really? [cue grandma voice] Ya’ll came all the way back to see lil’ old me? [/exit grandma] That’s when the mother was like, “We were walking around the mall and my daughter kept asking ‘where’s my friend?’ and so we came here to see you!”.


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I can’t even explain how much that brightened my day, my whole week! People. From a whole ‘notha country. I’ve never met in my life. Probably won’t see too many times again. Remember me? From two weeks ago? Okay, so people ain’t all bad. Actually, I’m not all bad. Kay it may not be the one million views on a Youtube video or a crowd of people cheering for my awesome piano performance (still working on that one) or a high paying job or anything. But, it made my day. I mean, you know how you have some days where you wonder if you matter at all to anyone? Wondering if you affect anyone, if you inspire anyone, if you leave a resonating question with people? Are you interesting enough to be in society or are you just there? I’ve been feeling like I’ve been just….here. But on so many different occasions this week, I am being shown that I am not just here. Whatever my reason to inspire is, it’ll come out eventually. In a world of rushed life, it’s easy to feel like you’re moving too slow for people.

But the way I see it, everything naturally happens gradually. As you age, lose weight, gain weight, enhance a special talent or skill, hair growth, nail growth, whatever. When it occurs naturally, it always takes time. And usually natural things are the best things in my opinion. So keep it natural, and keep inspiring.



Peace and Positivity
~Mskraizy ♥


Getting the Hang of Piano Songwriting?

Okay, I’ve been at this background melodies for my song “Butterflies” for awhile now. I was looking for something preppy and upbeat but at the same time, a kind of resonating tone that really reaches out like the song’s lyrics do. And I think I’ve FINALLY discovered it! Like I said, I’m still learning how to read chords and music so this may be my first actual test. I can tell you what key to press, but I’m not too sure how to name it though. lol But I’m so excited! It’s not the first song I’ve ever written, but it is definitely the first song I’ve ever created a melody for and actually be able to hear it without me having to hum along the tune of it. lol I feel so geeky! 😛

I don’t have the whole background melody clearly played out. It’s like stuck in the back of my head, but little by little it keeps coming on out.

And I must say, guess what song I’m learning (and have gotten quite good at to have only been practicing for two days)? And that is my all-time favorite song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton! Oh you know the song with the beautiful melody! Just for a little reminder:

What’s so special about this song and pianos is that she actually inspired me to start learning to play the piano at such a young age. I couldn’t have been no more than like ten or eleven when dad called me into his room and he was like “hey, check out this girl!” And I peered onto the computer screen trying to get my eyes over his knees, and I just remember that she was floating around playing the piano. And the melody was so beautiful and everything about it just attracted me to piano playing. We had an electronic keyboard in the basement that I went and fished out and lugged it back to my room. Dusted it off and slid the little black button forward an inch, and it’s been in love ever since. ♥

Like I stated in a previous post, learning The Entertainer with my right hand was the very first song I learned to play, along with a lullaby of the Rugrats theme song! lol So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I learned how to play it all the way through earlier this year (and still getting better at it) but I’m just so amazed that the one song that inspired my love for piano I’m actually learning how to play. And more than that, it’s fairly simple to learn! EEEEK!

And this song is inspiring the background music for my song “Butterflies”. Gosh I feel like a musician and my songs may never get in the top 100 songs. lol They inspire me. I suppose that’s all that really matters. But until next time,


Peace and Positivity ♥