A Taste of Country Love Affair


How would I describe love? Well, it’s a bit like chasing after lightning in the middle of a blinding thunderstorm just wanting to be shocked senseless for the soul purpose of curing your rushing adrenaline. And then, suddenly, you find yourself standing underneath that old Eastern Hemlock, miles away from home, eyes drawn to the sky with a puppy dog expression suddenly wanting to wish you had never taken the chance to go after it in the first place. And BAM! It shocks you and it vibrates through your veins and takes complete control of you for just that short second, setting you on fire inside and it chokes you and tightens everything and makes you blind to what you truly know. And then shortly…it’s reduced. And if you live to tell the tale, it’s something you regret in a non-regrettable way. You live for one split second, to just be plain stupid…and love every minute of it.

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Uncommitted Hobbies of Writing

I’ve been writing since I can remember. I write about everything and did an extensive amount of writing in school, usually in a diary or journal of some kind, and I would always start writing to a story but just never stick it out long enough to actually complete a BOOK. That has always been my goal, I never really cared if it ever got published or anything of the sort, I just wanted to be able to say, “yeah, I wrote a book!”. That just tickles me! lol But I always wanted to write something capturing and eye catching and I have finally realized that that is only gonna come with….Practice. Like with the piano (and I must say my playing has progressed so much since my last post about it….ONE DAY, I will tape myself and have the courage to put it on….here…..we won’t talk about youtube yet lol). I’m not trying to write a book to get famous, if even one of the person got a chance to read the adventures going on in my head and love it, it would make the rest of my life! I aspire to be committed to something as blood-producing as writing because well, I love it. And like any other writer, you can only understand what I’m thinking unless I tell you about it. But creating it is the hard part! I make very adventurous plots in my head but they just never make it through to the end of a hardcovered book! It’s like I’m writing in disappearing ink on a constant basis and it’s not fair. But I have come up with…..maybe not my greatest idea but it’s interesting enough and I’ve put alot of work into creating the outline and characters and really getting a firm grip on what my theme is because i think that’s what made my ideas shrink and make me give up on them. Simply because I had no clear idea of where my story was going. I think my writing is pretty interesting, more in a comedic lane if I had to place it but I write alot about love in both a humorous and saddening kinda way. You can thank my many childhood crushes for that.

I sincerely do believe there’s no easy way to just “dish” a book out, a good read at that, so I’m willing to put in the work and research of what I can. I can’t just travel to and fro like every other aspiring writer right now, but even if I’m the only person who reads it day in and day out every night before I go to bed, that’ll be enough for me and maybe encourage me to write even more and eventually actually try to publish one. Who knows what could happen? We won’t know unless we try right?

But yes, my newest and clearest idea is for my book “A Country Love Affair”. I’ve lived in the country, not the country country like how I’m writing this book, but I’m writing this book out of experience (sorta), research, and vivid imaginative dreams that keep reocurring to me. You know how that is when an idea just won’t take a leap of faith away from you! That’s what the idea is doing to me and it’s taunting me and dropping anvils onto me out of the clear blue sky.



And I want you all to help me get to the end! If you want, I will post tidbits here and there of how the story is progressing. I really don’t want this idea to die out before I can finish all the way to “the end”. I just wanna get there. Lets forget about that book ever making it on the shelf, if it could just make it out my printer, that would be the greatest thing EVER!!!! lol

Country Love Affair….YOU MUST SUCCEED!!!!!



And also, this is the Jam of the Day. I’ve been singing this song like nonstop, love Sia!!