Thank Your Enemies

The ultimate act of gratefulness is when you learn to smile at the ones you hate.

And I don’t mean that smug, fake “get out of my face” smile. That smile that sends shivers up your smile just to hold it for a mere second.

That real, honest, and genuine smile full of love and what the recipient may take as a naive nature. That thankful nature of a real smile.

I guess I may have always been naive growing up and I probably still retain a good amount of that now that I’ve grown a matured. Oh well, I guess my naive attitude will always be apart of me. But I’ve learned over the years how to make it work for me and from having this particular oblivious nature about me is how I began to grow with the idea of “thanking my enemies”. Because I’m truly NOT an arguing, debative type of person. I can’t just start arguing on the spot, it has to build up in me which is bad on some things but good on others.

The way I see it, everyone comes into your life for one reason or another. Whether it’s family, friends, that sleepy cashier in walmart or that illegal salesman on the corner. Whether you speak to them, whether you smile at them, whether you admire or dislike them, there is always a reason why you interact with people. They teach you things whether you realize it or not. Take newborn babies, infants, for example. Nobody makes a baby talk, they encourage it with constant cooing and weird faces that tells the baby it’s okay to say something. Nobody makes a baby walk but instead we suggest it by holding them and showing what can be done when they learn this magnificent skill.

Our lives consist of suggestions and examples, and people are no different. A homeless man shows you why you work hard for the things you do. A bubbly cashier makes your day brighter. And the many, MANY wrongs people do to you on a constant basis also insist on who you don’t or do wanna be in life. They shape you, whether directly or indirectly, so that you continue to develop and turn into that person you wanna be. It’s not just about you want to associate with, it’s you do associate with and who you do think about. Who you care about and who you can’t STAND. Life is not just about the positives. From my perspective, there is no balance in a good life without bad experiences. When you go through the bad, you are just that more thankful for the good. When it comes through the heart and out the hand, anything you recieve is the best you’ve ever had. But when it comes from the hand to the heart, everything may as well fall apart. That’s why I don’t neccessarily “hate” people. You won’t ever hear me say I hate someone. They may get on my last nerve or I can’t stand them or they utterly disappoint me. But hate is way too strong of a word for me. People who are that close are the ones I thank the most. Cause they are the main ones that help shape my better thinking, my smarter thinking, my positive thinking.

There’s no sense in wasting your time hating someone. If you hate somebody that much, than take the time out right now to thank them. Cause if it hadn’t been for them acting a butt, you probably would’ve turned out just as immature. 😉



Smallish Twists….

This week, I finally got out of my slump and decided to do my hair. I intended to do a set of twists, but not this small. I envisioned them being more medium sized, maybe almost large, but not at all this small. Though it didn’t take me that long to do, (approximately six hours), I would have much rather extended two or three hours doing my hair than–what felt like–an entire day.

I didn’t wash my hair prior to putting them in, I just wanted my hair styled real quick-like since I was going away for the weekend. I wanted as much length as my hair could show without having heat (aka “blowdrying”) touch my hair. My hair came out of 4 big plaits that I had been wearing underneath a satin bonnet and black scarf for pretty much a week. They were re-braided everynight for I had to moisturize with water and oil it everynight. I took down all of my hair and began by separating my hair into three sections. One in the back, and two in the front on either side. All I used for installment was a mist of water and shea butter and that was solely it. I detangled some with my fingers and others with my tangler wrangler brush, but I seemed to fly through this set. But then again, they aren’t ‘tiny’.

Since that installment, I’ve been swimming alot and washing and co-washing. I’ve been oiling and massaging everynight and keeping them pinned up with these gorgeous clips! Yes, I finally have a Ficarre clip! A clip that is pretty costly but at the same time well worth it because they are highly durable and look very elegant. The other two were picked up at a flea market on the spur of the moment because I was on a Clip Junkie moment. I think I’m gonna start up a clip collection. I forgot how much they spice up a hairstyle!

So after five days, that’s right FIVE DAYS (hasn’t even been a WEEK yet), this is how my twists are holding up. Am I gonna push them for another week or so? Ya darn skippy I am! So far, that’s all for now. I shall be back……hopefully. 😉




Update Station

It’s been a minute since I’ve come on here to ramble. Approximately….a month….and 2 days? =)

I have good reason though. Been SWAMPED. And come the end of August, this swamped situation I am in now will fail to give me anymore free time. So here’s where that true uncommitted nature will began to rear it’s ugly head…..for real.

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