What’s Up With Nelly!?

Yes, where has nelly been and what has she been up to?

My previous posts should tell you that Nelly is the name of my natural hair. 🙂 Yep, totally. With hair with a big attitude like mine, it’s hard NOT to give it a name.

I don’t think I’ve ever said that I have had my hair on a protective styling lockdown. Up until the end of August, and that is August 31 at 11:59:59, I will be keeping Nelly hidden away in a protective style. This month’s styling of choice is of course, my beloved yarn braids! I just love how they are a really good imitation of locs. I came absolutely CLOSE to letting my hair began the process of locking, but in a certain change of heart, I’ve decided to keep my afro hair loose. I’ve realized it’s not just the look of locs that really attracts me, it’s the low manipulation of it too. I mean, having hair of any kind can be as low manipulation as you want it to be however you wear it, but with me, I know it’s harder for me to maintain a ‘low maintenance’ regimen with my hair out and about than if I wore to keep a month-long protective style in it. So onto the yarn braids it is.

I’ve had them in since the middle of June and let me tell ya, with all this unpredictable rain and blinding HEAT I’m GLAD I opted to keep Nelly in protective styles throughout the summer. I mean lets just be real, I’ll be the first one frying like an egg with this massive bush on my head. And with all the humidity, my hair would have been all swelled up and uhh. I learned last summer, wearing my hair loose is a PAIN. I love having thick hair, but mixed with Florida heat uhh uhh, nope. I shall pass. And with that being said I’m still trying to grow it to greater lengths! lol

I find that I love wearing protective styles as much as I love wearing braidouts and twistouts and anything of the like. And summertime is when most people start getting their growth spurts (I’m speaking hair-terms okay). Lately, I’ve gotten 2 inches of growth in 2 months already! The average growth rate would be half an inch a month. I got half an inch in 2 weeks! Since those 2 weeks have passed, I’ve been FORCED to redo my edges. They were just getting remarkably rebellious and sassy. Though I’m partial to the “natural” look of frizzy edges, they were just taunting me and laughed at my efforts of tying them down with a silk scarf overnight. So with that, the punishment was for them to redone. lol But anyways, I’ve still been oiling my scalp daily and I’ve found that my two savior oils are avocado and castor oil! One is expensive, one is fairly cheap. Avocado oil is light and penetrating, castor oil is heavy, lays on thick but soaks right into my hair and I love it. These oils are incredible and one day I’ll do a post in depth about the benefits of these two oils. Maybe I’ll even learn something…maybe I’ll do that right now…






Don’t hold your breath.





Haven’t you caught on yet!?



But here are some extra pics of what I’ve been doing to them…and that month of new growth in only two weeks!

My Lobster Braid. Saw it on youtube and decided to try it out.


New growth rolling in thick and QUICK. This was 2 weeks on Friday…


Have a beautiful (and hopefully breezy) Thursday evening! 😉




Practicin The Piano

The piano has always been one of my favorite instruments. I can play pretty well too…..well, at least with my right hand. My left hand is like jello-awkward when it comes to combining the tunes. I don’t read sheet music either. I was in a music class in elementary school, you know when you had all those mandatory electives, and even with the teacher constantly repeating over and over about the half note, full beat, tone deaf note, I still never got it. It took me a WHILE to figure out the name of that pretty cursive ‘S’ that began every melody….actually, I think I forgot it AGAIN. Is it called a treble? I think, isn’t it something with T?

I’ve always played by ear, so I don’t really understand the whole aspects of piano chords, guitar chords, how to strike a key, none of that. So I’ve just started watching youtube and figured out a way to play the keys without catching cramps in my fingers. He said that there are 7 letters in a key ranging from A to G. And they just repeat over and over again. I’ve been practicing remembering that all night, so of course I pulled out my handy dandy piano keyboard that we’ve had for YEARS and was surprised at how well I still remembered how to play…..well, with my right hand that is. One of the first songs I ever learned how to play all the way through was “The Entertainer”, now I’m learning how to play along with my left hand as well. Everyday, my left hand gets less and less awkward with the keyboard.

After I get better with the piano, I would like to learn how to play the guitar as well. And I dunno, maybe I’ll keep on. I’ve just always been intrigued by those fast pianists, and I always said “MAN I wish I could play like that”. And you know what that means! Practice, practice, PRACTICE! I’m always giddy playing the piano with both hands even if I screw up majorly on a certain part. lol It comes with the territory of success. One day, I will buy a piano for my home….a white one…..yeah.

Along with practicing the piano, I’ve also been trying to practice my drawings some more too. I just want to be great at atleast ONE of my skills. With doing hair, drawing, painting, writing, playing the piano, I know I can do all of that. But I’m not GREAT at any of them! So many others succeed me and although they inspire me, it gets me to thinking….what talent do I posess? What is unique about me? I guess that’s why my mind is always racing from one thing to the next. And never finishing up one idea. I have a hard to committing to finishing projects, at least the ones that I am less than 75% committed to. lol


I’m just curios, now that I have SUBSCRIBERS!!! Oh, you guys don’t know how seeing those little emails of “soandso just started following UncommittedCoils” I’m always like “YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” lol No really, I’m glad you all find at least ONE thing interesting about this blog. I guess I kinda got struck with a blank this past month as I haven’t been adding anything on here. You guys tell me what you find interesting about this blog and what I can do to improve it. And also, tell me what kind of talents you posess. Are you good at playing instruments or drawing or anything of the like? What inspires you? How’d you learn it? I’m really curious!