Do Men Like Natural Hair?

Why the freak does it matter?

I know why it does. Because you just did the big chop, you’re in shock and so is your hair. You’re looking at those curls and coils nesting on your scalp, your eyes are as big as day wondering what you just did. Your adrenaline is pumping and tears are close to bungee jumping out of your eyes.

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Mission August

You should know that I’m on a path to bettering myself for in terms of health and fitness. Since getting on this journey, I’ve learned quite a bit about myself than I otherwise probably would’ve passed over or not have given much thought to. Even though I still have a bit of a ways to go, I am going to fight to make sure that I get as close as I can to it by August.

Why you say? Well, what’s happening in August?


Well for one thing, I’ll be starting school. It will have been a couple of years since I’ve been out of school and I just want to be my fiercest potential stepping onto that campus! And another thing is my birthday is in August, so you know you have to be right and ready for when you enter a whole new year right? Gotta be ready to embrace what the new year of changes will bring to you, right? I know I made a dedication to you all previously about making my weight loss changes public and being able to keep myself accountable which I know I’m doing fairly well with but I just need the mojo to get back to a burning fire so I can get ready for school. I would like for everything to be accomplished by the end of may or june, but I dunno. But we will put that in the works though!

My goals? My goal “weight” is 174, but since I don’t really focus about the scale that much anyways, I do have goal measurements. I want to have a size 36 inch hip, or whatever hip size is a general size 6 would be great enough for me. I’m not so worried about what size my waist will end up being, actually I’m okay with the size it is now, but if I could just get the lower half of it to even it out and flatten would be EPIC. Pretty much, those are my general goals. Very general I know, but I’ve been working off of general ideas anyway so it must be working for me! Today will be my last day of the 30 day shred. I don’t even know if it would be fair to even post my results (measurements) since it took me over….4 months? Yes, 4 months to complete it! Well, Jilian said the video wasn’t meant to be done everyday for thirty days straight but just to do 10 days of each level so that it would add up to thirty days. So I guess I’m okay, right? Maybe I will post my results because I did achieve a noticeable difference by using it though I feel it could have been much better had I been able to stick to it, if not for thirty days straight, at least 3 times a week. ๐Ÿ˜ But hey, this wasn’t gonna be a perfect journey now was it?

So yes, anyways, that is my goal for August. I want to be as close to dream weight or ideal look as possible. I generally don’t rely on the scale THAT much because as I’ve seen, I’ve been the same weight range (about 184-186) for about two or three months now, but my measurements have gone down considerably and now I think I’m able to get into a size 8 pair of jeans!! I will report back here for my April month check ins because my goal for the end of April was to be able to fit into single digit sized jeans.

Anyways, that’s it. I know I can do it this time! I’ve got a deadline to hit!



GE X500 On Its Way!

So I put in to get my camera earlier today! My original plan was to wait until next week, but I had an on the spur of the moment kinda attitude and figured, I could do the weekly payment ofย $35. They said it should be here by the first of May! I seriously cannot wait until I get my hands on that beginning SLR camera with that beautiful clarity, zoom, and focus! I’ve been wanting to upgrade from a regular point and shoot for awhile now and though I do plan on getting my nikon coolpix point and shoot camera repaired sometime soon (just for those quick times, ya know).

I don’t know if I will start making youtube videos after this camera arrives. Maybe someday, but what I do know is that now I want have to take anymore dingy android pictures (sorry Android ;)) and I can finally have some nice looking photos on here, not to mention up to date. And my photo blog Six~Foot~Cotton will also be trying to get off the ground a bit so you guys make sure you head on over there and check for updates as well….you know, if you love pictures and photography and generalized creative artist type of things. I’m not a very advanced artist, but I’m totally down with showing you all what I do and how I progress.



Three Years Nappy

After I hacked all my hair off!Just thinking. My nappyversary (which would be the anniversary of when I big chopped and became fully natural…afro and all) was yesterday and the day before. Yes, a two day event! Three years ago on the 19, at 11 o’clock at night I had just finished washing my transitioning hair with conditioner. There I was, in the mirror, late at night, gawking heavily at my thick new growth rolling in. And I began to get the idea of just trimming and doing a mini chop in the middle of my head just to see it coil and curl.

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Blogging From My Android…

I never like to though because of this darn auto correct!

But anyways, I’ve decided that I will make my entries more personal. Short and sweet or long and drawn out, you all will be hearing from me more frequently. ๐Ÿ™‚
So currently, rain is at a downpour at my feet as I sit here on my way to work. It’s just something about the dance of raindrops dancing as they hit the ground that just amuses me. Hearing the sound of the trickling water at my feet just automatically relaxes me. It calms my nerves, gives me a clear head to think no matter where I am. Does rain do that to you?

Watching public transportation zoom by as I patiently wait for my own to show up within another 30 minutes. What would have looked like another ordinary day in the sunlight looks a bit more peaceful in the shadows of rain. Today is also my third nappyversary and that would just be me reaching three years of being fully natural. It’s always a rainy day on my birthday or nappyversary. I used to look at it as a loom of sadness before I started changing the perspective I had about life. More I feel differently about it raining on my birthday. It’s a new year for me so I need to clear my head for the new year of drama apparently. But we’ll see if it’s gloomy in august. So just let it rain!

I feel good about this blog. I have created a photo blog that won’t really be taking off until May when I get my new camera. So make sure you all go and check it out!

Six ~ Foot ~ Cotton

You guys have a beautiful Friday and if it’s raining where you are, take this time to clear your mind and embrace the weather of peace.