Fitness Monthly–March 31

Apparently, I need to keep myself a bit accountable to make a change so maybe posting it here…..out… the open will help motivate me to do just so. To just DO IT. So, here now, starting for the month of April I will start posting my measurements monthly so I can start reaching some goals. My first goal really has nothing to do about weight but about size. I would really love to be able to go into the stores and slip on some size 9s! I’m in the 10s, only one size down to go. Here are what my measurements are looking like:

Neck:  13.5 inches
Chest:  35 inches
Waist:  29 inches
Tummy:  30.5 inches
Hips:  39 inches
Arms, Relaxed:  11 inches
Arms, Flexed: 
12 inches
Quads:  24.25 inches
Thighs:  19.5 inches
Calves:  13.5 inches
Weight:  184 (as of 3/27/2012)


So from last month I can say that I’ve pretty much lost half an inch mostly from my chest, waist, tummy, hips, and a bit of my quads and then I gained half an inch on my thighs. (-_-“)

This month, like I said, I would just really like to fit into single digit sized jeans! I’m so close to being a 9, but being able to shimmy into an 8 would be just as fantastic if not more! My third nappyversary will be coming up come April 19/20 (it’s a story…) and I wanna have made some improvements not just on my hair, but my overall health and fitness. Want to be showing some progress!

So that should about do it! I’ve really been trying hard this week in my workouts plus I’ve been challenging myself to reach at least 10 cups a day though my goal is to really reach 12 cups which is about half my body weight (well, a little over). Sooo yeah, hoping for some awesome results by the end of April!




Can You Do A Backbend?

I ask because I sure couldn’t! lol

But no really. Can you?

Today, I decided to push my paranoia out the window and throw “caution to the wind” I suppose. I love being outdoors but just not when other people are out there. Today, it started off with me sitting outside writing in my diary//journal. Since creating this blog I really hadn’t been writing in it as much I used to and so I decided I would get back to writing in it. I wanted that journal so badly last year, now I’m not even writing in it, what’s that? =/

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I Just Wanna…


Take a leap. Of faith. Of Love. Of Dreams.

And just hurl myself down below, eyes closed as I continue to reach the sea of uncertainty that is my thoughts. I want it all to surprise me, and to be without guidance. I just want to flow and let go, that’s all I care for now.

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Uncommitted Series: “Being Too Open Minded”

Ugh, that waning “should I do this, but I really like that” conflict that I’ve constantly battled with while growing up. And I naively thought that I would grow out of this as I got older and eventually would get a grip on what it was that I wanted to become, or what was my destiny. And I think I have come to my conclusion.

Open minded people have no destinies!

Cause it seems like they’re destinies are plastered all over the wall!!!

So how do you defeat open mindedness? Well, this post isn’t here to solve that criteria. Since I’ve been embarking on loving the person I am and all this self-acceptance business, I find that fighting against or trying to eliminate a certain trait I possess only makes the situation worst and makes your problems even BIGGER. And I mean BIGGER. I’m all about making what is less pleasing to you at least work with you and not against you.

I have come to the conclusion that on my end, open mindedness has lead me down the path of my uncommitted nature. Seriously. If you all must know, I have started (and deleted) a big series of blogs that I never stuck to. All ranging from different categories from hair, to fitness, to hair AND fitness, from memoirs, to problem solving, and none of them ever stuck with me. I had a blog that reached maybe thirty plus subscribers and deleted it because it started becoming a chore to me. Something I felt I HAD to do because I had subscribers. My mind had been elevated to newer things I wanted to try and all of those things didn’t always fit in with a “Hair blog”. In a sense, I felt I was writing to fit my blog and not the other way around.

And then uncommittedcoils was born. Because what DOESN’T go under this title eh? But back to my point before I become uncommitted to the main point of this post. How do you make your open minded trait work for you and not against you? Here are some tips:

Reject the Status Quo
Be who you are and accept you are for all you are and all you will be. Having others continue to direct your step mentally as well as physically is limiting your open minded nature more and more each day. Don’t be afraid to try the new things you’ve been wanting to try, and don’t let the sarcastic remarks taunt you for being the way you are. Wear your hair natural, lose 100 lbs, listen to heavy metal or RnB and hip hop. Be who you are all day everyday and be open to others. Which leads me to my next point….

Expand Your Social Circle
Apparently, I had no problems doing this in school. lol! I always wondered why I could never keep a steady group of friends while growing up. It ranged from all ages, to all races, to both genders, to all weirdity (?) I was open to alot of people. Now in school, since I was still pretty insecure of myself I was pretty insecure of the people I hung out with and who saw me hanging out with them. Of course, the usual. But honestly, it never really stopped me from getting to know them and liking them. When you open your mind to the type of people you hang out with, not only are you opening up new avenues to what other things you like, you’re learning more than your average “circle” can show you. They open your mind up to the things you may have been thinking about or have never ever dared to try but realize you like doing. You just might like purple hair with the blue/pink jeans. You never know. A famous saying that shall forever stick is “don’t knock it til you try it” and that goes for people too.

Embrace Creativity
In my opinion, open minded people are probably naturally creative. Learning and trying new things are bound to influence your imagination whether you’re handy with your hands or not. Getting creative will help develop your right brain thinking so indulge in activities such as writing, drawing (heck I have a grafiti drawing on my wall right now!), photography, building things, etc. Invest in a sims game and build lots of houses. Just get creative.

I am probably not as open minded as I could be but I garuntee you I have done a lot of developing over the past couple of years. Life is full of creative experiences, so don’t live life too deep in a schedule and not do things on-the-spur-of-the-moment sometimes. It’s just those little surprises in a day that makes a memory just that……a memory.




Did this post even make sense?




I’m trying to be committed ya’ll, I’m trying! 🙂

Until next time,

Are You Iron Deficient?

Do you get winded or tire out easily from daily activities? Get cold all too often and too easy? These are both symptoms of a person who has Iron Deficient Anemia. I should know, I suffer with this.


What Is IRON?

Iron is a mineral needed by our bodies. Iron is a part of all cells and does many things in our bodies. For example, iron (as part of the protein hemoglobin) carries oxygen from our lungs throughout our bodies. Having too little hemoglobin is called anemia. Iron also helps our muscles store and use oxygen. Iron deficient people usually tire out easily because their bodies are starved for oxygen.

Iron is a part of many enzymes and is used in many cell functions. Enzymes help our bodies digest foods and also help with many other important reactions that occur within our bodies. When our bodies don’t have enough iron, many parts of our bodies are affected. Iron also acts as a transport medium for electrons within the cells in the form of cytochromes, and as an integral part of enzyme reactions in various tissues. Too little iron can interfere with these vital functions and lead to morbidity and death.


Why It Affects YOU!

Iron defiency can hinder (or delay) day to day activities and mental functions. It can also increase the chances of giving birth to an early term baby. Early term babies are more prone to having health problems or even suffering death within their first year of life than those who complete or extend their due time. Having iron deficiency can also cause you fatigue that can impair you from doing physical labor. It can also affect the memory and other mental functions. Continued iron deficiency may progress to anemia and worsening fatigue. Thrombocytosis, or an elevated platelet count, can also result. A lack of sufficient iron levels in the blood is a reason that some people cannot donate blood.

Normally, people who are at risk of iron deficieny include women of child-bearing age who have blood loss through menstruation;  pregnant or lactating women who have an increased requirement for iron; infants,  children, and adolescents in rapid growth phases; and people with a poor dietary  intake of iron through a diet of little or no meat or eggs for several years.  Risk factors related to blood loss are peptic ulcer disease, long term aspirin  use, or colon cancer. Vegetarians can also be at risk since they don’t eat meat but that can be reversed since there are many leafy greens that contain a great supply of iron such as broccoli and spinach. Dark green veggies will normally contain more of your iron minerals.

Showing Any SYMPTOMS?

Symptoms of iron deficiency include having a pale skin color, hair loss (AHH!!!), irritability, weakness and fatigue, pica which is a sudden want for non-nutritive substances which include wanting chalk or clay (craving some Georgia White Dirt?), PVS or Plummer Vinson Syndrome which occurs in the tongue and can cause a burning sensation, a weakened or impaired immune system, pagophagia which is pretty much an obsession with ice or iced drinks, and difficulty regulating body temperature and keeping warm, dizziness, shortness of breath, and headaches – namely frontal (and I just had one this morning….), and decreased appetites.

Also another interesting thing to look at are your nails. I never realized myself how many signs your nails could show that could link to different problems within your body. Alot of these signs may or may not be related to iron deficiency, but it interested me so much I wanted you guys to really look down this list and make sure your nails are giving you good signals…


  • Brittleness is associated with iron deficiency, thyroid problems,[7] and impaired kidney function.
  • Splitting and fraying are associated with psoriasis and deficiencies of folic acid, protein and Vitamin C.
  • Unusual thickness is associated with circulation problems.

Shape and Texture

  • Clubbing, or nails that curve down around the fingertips with nailbeds that bulge is associated with oxygen deprivation and lung, heart, or liver disease.
  • Spooning, or nails that grow upwards is associated with iron or B12 deficiency.
  • Pitting of the nails is associated with Psoriasis.
  • Ridges across the nail indicate stress.
  • Beau’s lines are ridges in the nail.

Discoloration of Entire Nail Bed

  • Yellowing of the nail bed is associated with chronic bronchitis, lymphatic problems, diabetes, and liver disorders.
  • Brown or copper nail beds are associated with arsenic or copper poisoning, and local fungal infection.
  • Redness is associated with heart conditions.

Other Color Changes and Markings

  • Melanonychia (longitudinal streaking that darkens or does not grow out), especially on the thumb or big toe, may indicate subungual melanoma.
  • White lines across the nail (leukonychia striata, or transverse leukonychia) may be Mees’ lines or Muehrcke’s lines.
  • Small white patches are known as leukonychia punctata.
  • Dark nails are associated with B12 deficiency.
  • Stains of the nail plate (not the nail bed) are associated with smoking, and henna use.

(This information was taken from wikipedia that will be linked in the Resources section)


How to Get BETTER!

See your doctor asap if you detect you may have iron deficiency. Treatment will thus be taken depending on age, health, and cause of iron deficiency. More than likely it will be requested that you get on an iron supplement regimen which costs maybe $4-5 at a Walmart or something. This is going to be the fastest way in which to up your iron intake. But an alternative to that is eating a diet that is high in iron. Foods being dark leafy greens (spinach (Popeye was seriously on the right track!), broccoli, collards…), lean red meats (steak, hamburgers, beef…), etc. It is very important though to get diagnosed by your doctor first because iron deficiency can also be related to something else besides having a low iron intake when eating. Keeping a diet rich in iron will most likely be your best bet to keep from becoming iron deficient.

But beware of getting too much iron intake. Overload of iron minerals in your body can cause your body to develop Hemochromatosis which is Iron Storage Disease. Hemochromatosis occurs when the body absorbs too much iron from  foods and other sources such as vitamins containing iron. This disease causes  extra iron to gradually build up in the body’s tissues and organs, a term  called iron overload. If this iron buildup is not treated, it can, over many  years, damage the body’s organs. More information on this subject can be found in the resources section at the bottom of this post.




Please you all, take charge of your health. I’m glad I did my research, I didn’t realize iron deficiency was THAT serious. I actually took my iron supplement while I typed this out, I had fallen off track with it for the past two weeks and have definitely felt some more symptoms come on. This morning’s pounding headache was the last straw. So take care of your health! More posts like these will be coming in the future! 🙂





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Doing the “Detox”?

After yesterday’s encounter with Terressentials Hair Mud Wash, I decided against doing the 7 day straight detox for two reasons:

One being that it was absolutely so annoying and messy, I could NOT see myself doing that for another 6 days STRAIGHT….

And two being that majority of what is used on my hair is pretty much natural or naturally made anyways. Water and oil (aside from my few encounters with tresemme naturals and suave naturals conditioners) is basically all that is used on my hair, and when I get around to whipping up some shea butter and boiling up some flaxseed gel, I’ll be adding those two into my regimen as well.

During this process, I also did use that “Tangler Wrangler” detangling brush during this process but let me start from the beginning shall we?

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