Uncommitted Series: “1–One Step…Not Leap”

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to make those giant leaps of faith, and that’s okay. When you began a new journey, you’re ecstatic about it and somehow, all the motivation in the world is in the palm of your hands.

Maybe for a month.

A week.

Fifteen minutes.

I came across an article read that pointed out these following points:

1. Create a mantra. This is probably the easiest thing to start out with and one of the most powerful motivators. It’s simple and unsophisticated. If your goal is to buy your own home, you can use the mantra “my own place” or “my dream home.” The mantra itself isn’t as important as the emotional connection it gives you to your goal.

2. Create a ritual. If your goal is to lose weight, it’s not easy to change all the previous unhealthy habits you might have. What is much easier is creating a ritual to reinforce your new lifestyle. This might every time when you wake up, or before you go to bed you look at pictures of the body you want, you review your diet plan and journal about why health is important to you and how you can’t wait to have a healthy lifestyle and body.

3. Make plans. This is one of the most powerful actions for me, but it’s not something I do daily. Make plans and day dream about what you’re going to do when you achieve your goal. When you finally buy your own home, what are you going to do? How are you going to design it? How are you going to use each room? When you lose 50 pounds, what are you going to do differently? Are you going to go to the beach more, play with your kids, start modeling? Whatever it is, regularly thinking about your plans for your life after you’ve achieved your goals is a powerful way to stay motivated. It allows you to renew that initial excitement you had when you first set out to achieve your goals.

4. Put yourself on auto-response. In this article, I talk about how the practical mind will often get in the way of our heart and our true desires. Sometimes we have to silence our mind in the face of the practical and seemingly ridiculous. We have to put ourselves on auto-response; instead of thinking “I don’t know” we change our auto-response to “I’ll figure it out.

All of that is essential information and helpful regarding trying to maintain your focus, but for someone like me whose uncommittedness is to the BONE, I have to reach out further to get my procrastination underway.

I forgot what site I was under, but she spoke of defining your motives and your goals because usually, a simple “lose 10 lbs” becomes way to general, and the focus on getting to the goal is blurred out because you have no real insight on how to achieve your goal.

And that’s where the procrastination begins to set in.

Me, personally, what has been helping me to refocus is the installing of mini goals. For me, this is my “one step” because whodoesn’tlike being rewarded and mentally repeating to themselves how amazing they are? I read a particular comment from where I find that resource, that they wrote about taking it one step at a time.

And that is the truth. We make one step at a time to sink into our bad habits. We slept in one saturday, then the next. Had a fried chicken wing one night, then the next night a Mickey D’s double cheeseburger and we continually keep forgiving ourselves that the next day we’re gonna get it right, and when Next Day comes, we’re sinking deeper into our bad habits.

Well it’s the same motto for doing good habits. We eat that salad for lunch one day and then the next day, we’re feeling for a fancified turkey burger. Or, we put in job applications one day then the next feel the need to go out and actually do some walk-ins. It’s all the same process. Because motivation is finally settling in. We can be as motivated to do good things as we are to continue doing bad things. It’s all in taking the first step to begin that journey. Once you start a journey, it’s never finished until you say it is.

Dream in the clouds, and even higher. But take one step to being committed. My step was making my mantra, which was

“I will not let anyone make me feel bad about being who I am”

And soon after that, creating mini goals set an even better pace for me. Already I’ve lost those 10 lbs I’ve been trying so hard to lose for the past 3 months! lol

What will your first step be?

Buh bye!

How to Stay Committed to Long Term Goals: http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/long-term-goals/
Simply Flaw-thentic: http://myheartdances.blogspot.com/search/label/self-esteem


A Bangin Blowout!

As you all know, I’ve been having a superior breakthrough with my hair since seeing how close I am to being BSL, so I decided to do a blowout just to see if I noticed any changes in my hair. What I got was a big ol’ hunk of YES! IT HAS GROWN!!!! lol It looks so much longer and healthier in my opinion! This blowout actually droops all over my shoulders. My last one, I had to wiggle my head around quite a bit to feel it “try to” hang over my shoulders, so I am EXCEPTIONALLY glad about this one!

This whole process started off by doing Shuantae’s “breakdown method” for washing natural hair. I had given up on all of that a while ago thinking it was taking up so much time and it wasn’t “simplifying” my regimen and I didn’t have the patience and blah blah blah! But, by doing her steps…

The Breakdown – Part 1
The Breakdown – Part 2
The Breakdown – Part 3

I found that, if it didn’t amount to the usual amount of time I spend washing my hair (a usual hour and a half), my washing time actually started coming up less and less. About an hour and 25 minutes was my first run around, second time was an hour and ten minutes, now I’m currently down to fifty minutes to an hour with washing. And not to mention, the way I’m doing it, my strands are feeling stronger, healthier, and looking sheenier in my opinion and it looks much thicker as well. So its a must that I keep up with my diligent regimen if I want to keep seeing consistent results.

So but anyways, my process went like this. I started off with a dry and fairly stretched twistout that I had been working with for about a week now. I usually keep my hair stretched, so this process turned out to be a lot easier on my strands than my first time when I started off with a very tangled bun. I first separated my hair, as she did, into 4 big chunky twists. In each section, broke each twist down to two. But for me, I used Suave Naturals strawberry conditioner underneath a nice amount of coconut oil to seal it all in. I did that for each section and ended up with eight twists in all. I let that sit for maybe…..3 hours? lol I was extremely lazy and also I did get some exercise in, sooo yeah. About three hours.

After that, I hopped in the shower, twists still intact, and shampooed my hair with Yes to Cucumbers shampoo, and after that I slathered on a good amount of Tresemme Naturals conditioner (a new favorite :)) and went in to detangle. I was very light and gentle and my detangling session went alot quicker than I expected. That’s really why I stopped detangling in the shower because it was beginning to drag on FOREVER. But with this method, I was through with detangling in maybe ten or fifteen minutes…top.

Still within my eight twisted sections, it was time to prep for blowdrying. I started by thoroughly spraying with Garnier Fructis’ Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray, and then squeezing into my twists Bee Mine’s Bee Hold Curly Butter to lock in that excess moisture and also to add more in. I then followed that up with oiling my scalp with castor oil which I also think has been helping my hair look and feel so much healthier.

Then it was on to blowdrying. I took down one section at a time, applied grapeseed oil as a heat protectant and blowdried using the tension method which is basically holding the hair taute by the ends and blowdrying in a downwards motion. You can check out KinkyKurlyQueen’s video on it –> HERE <– for more in depth information or a visual look at it. I’ll be using this method from hereon out for it saves me so much more time….and so much more hair. After blowdrying each section, I applied a dab of coconut oil to add shine and moisture while I continued the other sections of my hair.

Took down the twists and the results were an AMAZINGLY FLUFFY blowout that I LOVED! I couldn’t believe how…Simba-fied I was looking! lol It was great! Until next time…


Buh bye!

Almost BSL!! ♥


I just have to shortly tell if my triumph the other night! I am soooooo close to reaching bsl!! This pic might look like i’m there and ready to claim it, but in reality i’m about a centimeter away from my bra strap line! So my estimation us that I will definitely be able to claim bsl by the end if march! 🙂

For now, I think i’ll be taking on a cowash and bun “challenge” from now until the end if march. Inky reason challenge has quotations is because I an not strictly holding myself down to cowashing and bunning everyday all day. I know i’ll be wanting to switch up here and there! But for the most part, since I am back to exercising daily, my hair could use these moisturizing “cleanse” days, and also its suppose to help with retaining moisture as well. What I have done today was cowash an old twistout (the hair in the picture), no previous detangling, and then after my hair was cleaned, I then proceeded to oil my scalp with castor oil, apply my cowash conditioner (which at the time was suave naturals strawberry condish) as a leave in then top it off with L.A.’s sport gel. It was in walmart for like two bucks in a squeeze bottle looking all sad by its lonesome. So me, being the caring citizen I am decided to purchase it and test it out. My argan oil ecostyler gel was a corner away from depletion, so this was a new substitute i was hoping for. I normally am not a wash n go type of person but may be persuaded to try it one last time with this gel. As far as bunning, I liked it. It smoothed right on and after a few minutes under a satin scarf, gave me a nice hold. Now it wasn’t a hold like ecostyler our anything, but I say it was fairly decent in my opinion. It was medium, maybe comparable to flaxseed but not at all natural. Its not all that sticky either I noticed. I would most likely try this gel on a wet set like for a braid or twistout, maybe. Simply because I never use gel on a wet set. But this gel is pretty good so far! 🙂

Yeah so that was all! I know mbl is more than attainable this year! Maybe even waist length!!


Ode ♥ to ♥ Him

When I hear calm blue ocean, or a spark of sapphire blue
Think of bright golden sun rays shining in numerous hues
I can only think of you
My mind continues to trace back, reflect, and retrieve
All of those unspoken memories
I’d give back anything, priceless and unrefined in it’s beauty
Because it means more to me
Just to spend that moment with you.

February Fitness

It’s time that I get back into my health and fitness and start holding myself accountable. I have gone down a pretty good and stable 29 lbs okay! From 214 to a staggeringly stable 185, I think that’s a pretty good job. I have no idea how many inches I’ve lost, but I think the last time I calculated, it was somewhere over 20+ inches that I lost altogether. I’ve gone down a pretty good 7 jean sizes from a size seventeen now down to a good ol’ classic size 10. That may be going to my head, because I don’t remember the last time I was a size ten, not saying that I’ve been in the twenties (came pretty close), but I’m just saying…high school, middle school, I think it was always a size 12 and up. But now that I’ve gotten this far in and have made all of these changes, my wheel has stopped. And I mean has SERIOUSLY stopped turning. My eating is trying, trying SO HARD to go backwards but I just won’t let it. But I’m still eating a little bit worse than I used to. My goal, by the end of April before May and the whole summer season gets started, I want to be at my ideal “look”. So that means scales, tape measures, go “shopping” and hogging the fitting rooms all day is going to be my means of measuring my success. And here, publicly, on this blog, I’m going to hold myself accountable. This is UncommittedCoils, for the people who are all uncommitted alike. I at least need to stick to SOMETHING and push it all the way through. So lets start with my fitness.

Ideally, my goal by the end of April comes with a description. I kept saying if I could make it to 155, 165, or 170, I’d be good! That number continues to get higher and finally I’ve been saying if I could just get into a size 8 in jean sizes, I think I’d be pretty good. I assume when I get to a size 8 I’ll be around 170, possibly in the 160s so I’ll just put my focus into getting into 165-170 to get to the end of April. By the end of April I want my weight loss journey to be OVER and my maintenance lifestyle to begin! So here I am, here publicly holding myself accountable. I will NOT be posting pictures like that, but will keep you all updated of measurements, scale weights, and non-scale victories. 🙂


So until next time,

Buh bye!